Lingering Echoes, “Perdues”

Release date: February 25th, 2022
Format: CD

French musical legend Yan Arexis returns with the beautifully executed minimalist electronic foray, “Perdues” by Lingering Echoes. Arexis’s contributions to the French black metal scene with Sus Scrofa, and experimental music scene with IHAN date back to the late 80’s, and his current projects Stille Volk, Coume Ouarnede , Faction Senestre, and his impeccable curation of the L’homme Sauvage Festival, continue to remain vital and daring contributions in their respective genres. “Perdues” by Lingering Echoes offers a cold and desolate landscape of minimalist electronics mixed with electro acoustic experimentation. Beautiful and fragile… Hopeless and bleak.