Curse All Kings



This release is a collaboration between Breath Sun Bone Blood and Cyclic Law.
Curse All Kings return with their second full length, entitled Inversion with four extended arrangements for viola, organ and voice. Drawing from modern composition, black metal, the darkest and bleakest of dungeon synth and transcendent drone, Inversion redefines the concept of dark ambient and ritualized music and opens up new avenues of listener immersion and hence revelation. Skeletal compositions draped with dreamlike improvisations disorient the participants in black fog and suffocate them invoking the smell of damp rotting earth. Intended for dark moon listening and ritual. Intended for both group and solo practice of Inversion rites.

18 € CD

Edition of 300. Packaging is oversized A5 gatefold, ultra matte finish. 12 page booklet insert on ultra matte stock.