In the beginning there is nature. And in the midst of nature there is her spirit… What she inspires. Within her is the River of Blood, the river that feeds all life… We plunge into its depths, and when we came back up to its surface we saw nature herself… With her shadows and lights differently. We saw differently what defines nature, and which defines us and all of our endeavors. We give ourselves to animism and offer these creations as experiments and gifts to build a better world. We give ourselves to animism and offer ourselves as potential voices to those who have no tongue, Spirits of the Land, Ancestors of well. We offer ourselves to spirit and place to honor the trial of these days. We offer space for beauty and creation. We offer this space for the dismantling of that which is broken… A continued beginning… A place to pause and refresh. We open ourselves to Ancestors of path… Humbly, and without holding. We are antifascist in all, and every sense of this meaning. We strive to offer allyship to all feral spirits of land, air, water, and earth… Both in outer realms, past, future and present, and our own earth realm now. We offer allyship to othered, and  marginalized communities in this realm, in these challenging times. We denounce the strategies of power-over and intimidation. We denounce the framework of capitalism and patriarchy. We wish to create ephemeral artifacts that will honor the Feral Ones, the Spirits of the Land, our Ancestors of path… Past, present and future. We wish to offer these objects in the hopes of creating a better world, a more beautiful and free world. A world where we heal that which has been severed, the connections that have been broken. Offerings of hope.