Lingering Echoes



LINGERING ECHOES is the most recent incarnation of Yan Arexis’s IHAN project created in 2000, utilizing electroacoustic music combined with minimal electronics. IHAN was fortunate to publish its first album with the mythical label Milleplateaux Records (Gas, Pole, Alva Noto, Alec Empire, Thomas Köner, Oval) and is also featured on the compilation Clicks & Cuts n°1 – an album credited for revolutionizing electronic music.

“Perdues” by Lingering Echoes mixes field recordings captured during winter walks in the Pyrenean forest with the sounds of flat stones and plants treated as electronic micropercussions to create a deep and telluric soundscape. Grandiose sweeping sonic washes are juxtaposed with recordings of the smallest of sounds, creating a mesmerizing liminal space where time and place are suspended. Uncertain and erratic layers paint lonely winter landscapes and emanations of brittle ice cracking. An unheard echo in space and time. Served by the magnificent photos of Julie Docteur taken in Iceland and Jeanne Saint-Julien taken in the Pyrenees, “Perdues” is a journey both serene and fragile. For fans of Pan Sonic, Labradford, DeathProd, Common Eider King Eider, Lull.

14 € CD

Edition of 100. Triple gatefold eco wallet in ultra matte. 8 page booklet.