Explore the secret mysteries of the occult world through incantations and traditional instruments. A journey through the hidden things revealed by acoustics sounds and spectral voices. The power of lightning awakens souls and consciences, the sacred fire penetrates the organisms.

Nyckelharpa, voices, mandocello, mandole, guitars, bass, percussions, whistle, talharpa, organic sounds: Roques Philippe

Female voices, horn: Neïzahel
Organic screams on “ Noxira”: Timaël and Zoéline
Additionnal guitar on “Noxira”: Timaël

All songs composed and written by Roques Philippe

Recorded in winter and spring 2020
Mixed by Daniélé Delogu

Photos: Roques Philippe
Artwork: Yan Arexis, Rob Bees Fisk


Gatefold CD, screenprinted silver and gold ink on paper.