Nakkiga / Arde



Breath Sun Bone Blood is proud to offer the blackened crust split between Berlin’s Arde and Spanish pagan black metal horde Nakkiga.

The CD opens with three pummeling conceptual tracks by Nakkiga about the birth and passage of time… From the primal chaos to the ashes of the future. This is blackened crust/ black metal at its finest, suffocating the listener with overwhelming blast beats and frenzied end of the world guitar picking. The songs careen and erupt in desperation as if they would explode into sheer chaos if their message were delivered any faster or more urgently. Brutal, dark and beautiful.

Arde deliver their brand of washed out atmospheric black metal / black crust in a single 15 minute song entitled “Basalarr”. Named after the mystical plant full of light and strength, important to Basque culture and its mythology, “Basalarr” continues opening and revealing itself through reverb drenched blast beats and guitar textures. Harrowing vocals speak of the interaction of light and darkness and the juxtaposition of pain against the hope for a better world. Pummeling, mystical and trance inducing atmopheric black metal.

14 € CD

Edition of 300 housed in triple gatefold eco wallets printed exclusively with metallic silver and black duotone offset. Inside spine and pocket flood in black.

As with all BSBB releases- ANTIFASCIST!