Igis Osim Lara



Igis Osim Lara (feat. members from Death Bell and Sektarism) from Toulouse France join forces with Breath Sun Bone Blood for their second release entitled Walkersdenn Initiation. Deep swells of synthesizers mix with bells, reed instruments, and percussion invoking a trance inducing otherworldly experience. Beautiful, grounding, yet unnerving at the same time. This is heavy deep dark ambient, ritualistic music. You can feel the veil between worlds thinning as one delves deep into the sonic well of these recordings.

“Igis Osim Lara project is an outcome of spontaneous expression. Walkersdenn initiation is an exercise in welcoming true nature of things. The Promethean courageous walk toward truth within hidden depths, ledges and heights of existence. A privileged time for passivity, the melancholic wanderer overtaking the fierce conqueror. Entering the gate of the lethargic wolf, muzzle down to the horos.” As with all BSBB releases….. Antifascist.

15 € CD

Limited CD edition of 100. Packaging in oversized 4 panel gatefold. Printing on ultra matte stock. Includes hand screenprinted metallic silver on black paper poster and handmixed incense from the band energetically tuned for these meditations.