ATÒM takes an experimental approach to sound timbres.
Medieval portable organ, Great Organ and electric Hurdy Gurdy are diverted from their usual uses, to produce a musical environment concerned with textures. Between gravity and weightlessness, aerial or rocky visions and other chiaroscuro, inspired by ambient and noisy music.

Each improvisation is an immersive experience, performed in a specific location – cathedral, chapel or open-air – in search of a sound mass, and is an introspective voyage where nothingness and chaos confront each other. An attempt to launch a vibration into the void, but also its negative, which seeks to pierce a space of reality.

CD incl. Booklet 18 €

Edition of 100 hand fabricated books + CD. 27 page book of photographs by ATÒM in A5 format.
Cover is 300g uncoated offset print with text screen printed in metallic silver. Book pages 90g. Book sealed with silver wax in matte black envelope mirroring the black monolith/ doorway present in book. Wax sealed in silver with antler insignia.

Hand fabricated.