Niko Karlsson



BSBB is proud to present the new offering by Finnish multi instrumentalist Niko Karlsson. Steeped in the Finnish psyche folk / experimental school of no rules scene, Niko has been conjuring beautiful releases since 2012, with both his solo acoustic material and also in collaborations of drone, texture, and ritual with Altaat and other group configurations.
Burning with Gold is Niko Karlsson’s fourth full length album and the most fully formed and refined expression of his music to date. Recorded largely at home on a cassette four-track the album combines devotional composed passages with ritualistic improvisation to form a deeply melancholic meditation on the inner and outer night, being both a sorrowful prayer and a pitch black curse for a world in flames. These are devotional offering to the unknown void… the forgotten, the lost. Fingerpicked acoustic guitar, bowed strings, percussion, voice and artifact based texture merge into spiralling melodies, minimalist rhythmic cycles, darkened drones and abrasive textures. B.S.s. (Curse All Kings / Common Eider, King Eider) a rare familiar, contributes voice and electric guitar on two of the longest tracks to reveal an even deeper layer of luminous darkness. Offerings to the Yule dark moon. Offerings to the darkest night with the promise of the coming dawn.
Destroy  patriarchy.

CD 15 €

CD limited edition of 100 in oversized A5 gatefold 300g stock offset printed on ultra matte uncoated paper. Text hand screenprinted gold. All contents gold wax sealed with BSBB antler in ultra matte black envelope.

Hand fabricated.