From deep within the rain drenched landscapes of the Pacific Northwest emerges the new harrowing voice of Cascadian Black Metal… RETURNING.

Long has atmospheric Cascadian black metal been pointing in this exciting developed direction, and finally RETURNING reveal the next chapter of brutality and experimentation. Merging dark ambient, performative theatre, and raw black metal, RETURNING create a world a dervish and feverish frenzy unlocking the spirits, gods, and energies of old to unleash on a world of sorrow and indifference.

Extended ambience arrangements twist and fold into intricate spirals until a relentless barrage of blast beats and piercing guitar lines take control of the aural spectrum. Desperate heart broken vocals depicting the loss of the world cry for understanding while the pace and intensity increase to uncontrollable speed and urgency. Trance inducing and transcendent, beautiful and pummeling.

The Old Gods awaken…

CD 15 Euro

Originally released on tape from Realm and Ritual as a limited run of 75, the CD and MC are beautifully packaged in reimagined and accentuated artwork. CD will be presented in A5 gatefold offset printed uncoated 300g stock with double sided poster and canvas patch. Edition of 100.

Cassette 10 Euro

MC will be presented with J-card printed offset on 300g uncoated stock with double sided poster and canvas patch. Edition of 100.

Hand fabricated.